Lottery Spell

Lottery spells are basically good luck spells to help you win some money with lottery tickets. Games of chance are tricky so don't expect tons of riches this way. It can be tough to use magic this way. It's usually a better bet to go with a less-specific money spell.
Anyway, if you're a lottery fan, try these.

Numbers of Luck

For the usual style of lottery, where you choose numbers on a ticket and wait to see what numbers are drawn to win, this is a spell to help get those elusive winning digits. You'll need.

If you don't own a "real" pendulum, you can hang any small object from a length of chain or string. Draw a septa-gram (see image up to the right there) on the paper in green, and pile the herbs up in the center of the star. Light the candle and incense nearby.
Hold the pendulum by the end of the string so that the bob or object hangs in the center of the circle. Now comes the hard part. You need to think about getting that winning number.
First, focus o…

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Divoice Spell

Powerful Divorce Spells That WorkThere is a point in life when you feel that time is up and that you should find your way out of a relationship, which has brought you, pain and suffering. And when it comes to marriage, things are even worse because the pain is too much; you have loved this person so much to the extent of committing your whole life to him or her through marriage and the only thing they can do to you is to disappoint you and your genuine feelings. Have you reached such a stage in your relationship? Then cast any of my powerful divorce spells over your marriage and get freedom. Powerful Divorce Spells: Be FreeMarriages are supposed to bring you happiness and love. When your current marriage is offering you pain, just know it is time for you to end it. I am an experienced spell caster and you can employ my spells to dissolve your marriage at once. I have a variety of divorce spells, which really work, and they are very ideal for terminating any marriage immediat…

Guardian Angel Spell

What is a Guardian Angel?

A common belief among the major religions around the world is the existence of a personal spiritual guide assigned to each person at birth. The mission of this supernatural being is to protect us and relay our prayers directly to God.  This Guiding Spirit is universally known as the Guardian Angel.

Have your prayers been falling upon deaf ears?

Your Guardian Angel is by your side waiting to hear from you, wanting to help you. But he may have been waiting in vain if you have never learned the proper way to contact him, if you never learned the secret.  Let this powerful amulet help you contact him.

How can you summon your very own Spiritual Guide?

This powerful and mystical amulet may help focus your attention on your own, personal spiritual guide. As soon as you receive your Guardian Angel Amulet, a powerful new force may enter your life. You may immediately begin to feel his presence, and his positive influence upon your life.
Just as you keep images…

Strike It Rich Spell

Forget the past. You can’t change it and it’s only a memory. This is the here and now, and if you are determined to strike it rich and make your life wildly successful, this could be your lucky day. So, starting from this moment on, this is the beginning of the rest of your life!

OK, let’s get started. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:
Do you really want to be wealthy?Do you know what you’ll do with all that money?Do you feel you deserve it?Would it make you happy?If you answered yes to all of the above, then you have passed the first test.
Next. Are you willing to try something new, at no risk to you, if it could lead you to that pot of gold? All right, assuming you said yes, we strongly urge you to have a Strike It Rich spell cast in your behalf. Once we hear from you, we will assign a formidable psychic who specializes in such matters to cast this powerful spell in your behalf.

Each of us has at least one chance in life to make it big.

 But sometimes we miss th…

Growing His Love Spell

Take a look at the following questions, and if you find yourself nodding in agreement you may have come upon a service that could enhance your life in more ways than you can imagine.
Do These Questions Apply To You? Is your life empty without him?

Do you think of him often?Do you sometimes have trouble going about your work because he’s on your mind?Are you depressed because you feel him slipping away?Do you have a wealth of love stored up just for him?Is he hardheaded and stubborn?Are you sure he’s “the one”?Do you want him to fall deeply in love with you?Do you feel if you can catch his ear (penetrate his defenses), he will come to his senses and fall madly in love with you?Do you want to be happy together?
If you answered “yes” to at least seven of the questions, you should seriously consider having a Growing His Love spell cast in your behalf.

The purpose of this spell is to make telepathic contact with the one you love. To place you in his thoughts, his dreams, his consciousnes…

Relationship Spell

This is a very straightforward relationship spell.The purpose of the Heal My Relationship spell is to simply align your spirit with your loved one and put your relationship back on the same track.This spell is for you, if: The person you love is so bitter and angry they are not willing to listen to reason.It appears that no matter what you say or do – whether you apologize or admit past mistakes – they are so resistant, you feel you are talking to a wall.You know in your heart that you are right – that the two of you are meant to be together, and if you get a second chance, the relationship will fulfill your dreams of happiness.You feel that your loved one’s heart is being poisoned by outside forces, and you have been unsuccessful up to now to convince them that it is not your fault.The Heal My Relationship spell is designed to break down the walls of resistance and to heal the wounds inflicted by past differences. It could work wonders for the two of you, allowing you to …